The Start of a Journey

At just 18 years young I became “Mommy”.

Somehow, that was 12 years ago now.

In those 12 years, I have married, and gave birth to two more babies. In those 12 years I have truly learned the meaning of this thing called life. I have loved bigger than I ever imagined possible. I have learned lessons I never knew I needed. I have appreciated and enjoyed every precious moment.

But there’s something that happens when you become a Mother at such a young age. There is a huge part of life that you miss. And, while I have zero regrets, and would not change a thing, now, in my 30s, I have recognized something.

I have realized that I lost myself in motherhood. I have forgotten about myself as an individual.

Being “Mommy” will forever and always be my biggest accomplishment, my biggest pride and joy, my first and foremost priority… But today, I am ready to be MORE than Mommy.

I am ready to indulge.

I am ready to do things for myself.

I am ready to practice selfcare, and self love.

I am ready to search within myself to find out who I am… Other than “Mommy”.

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